Vaad Hamosifim
Vaad Hamosofim

The goal of the Vaad (council) Hamosifim, is do add additional torah lecures, farbrengens, motzei shabbat meleva malka gatherings at residents houses, and birthday pary at the individuals house.

Thegoal is to help chassidim build a relationship with each other not only at shul. This also helps family members meet others in the communiy.

Council members:
Rabbi Amiel Fish - Cntral Chabad Shul
Rabbi Yosf Yitzchak Cohen - Chabad Shul, Tamar Neighbourhood
Rabbi Moshe Varon - Chabad Shul, Hadas Neighbourhood
Rabbi Levi yizchak Pevzner - Chabad Shul, HaDekel Neighbourhood
Rabbi Michal Kirshner - Chabad Shul, HaGefen Neighbourhood

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