Cheder Ohalei Menachem
Cheder Ohalei Menachem

School for kidergaden boys ages three until pre-yeshiva boys ages 14. 
There are currently over 200 students in the school from the chabad community in Beitar. 
The cheder is the highest rated chabad school in Israel, due to it's personal attention to each student towards their success.

The cheder was established in 2002.
School Management:
Rabbi Chaim Greenberg - Founder
Rabbi Chaim Mendelson
Rabbi Yosef Rabinowitz
Rabbi Yehoshua Markus

Principal: Rabbi Menachem Mendel Hacohen
Mashpia: Rabbi Naftoli Rott

Chabad St. 2
Phone/Fax: +972-2+580-0654

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