Heichal Menachem
Heichal Menachem

Heichal Menach is the center for spreading chassidut. It's goal is to be the heart of Chabad in the city, where the public can find Chabad books, information on classes, pictures ,videos and recordings of the Rebbe and general information on Chabad.

Open: Sunday-Thursday from 16:30 - 20:00
            Fridays & Erev Chagim 11:00-13:00

Address: Merkaz Chabad - Ruzin St. 10b, Beitar Illit

Manager: Rabbi Chaim Greenberg

Rabbi Yitzchak Meizlish

Rabbi Dov Ofen - Chassidut Lecturer and Farbrenger
Tel. +972-2-652-7340
Cell. +972-52-770-3760

Photo Gallery

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