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Project '770'
As the city with the highest birthrate in Israel, the community has a special sense of responsibility to do all that it can to strengthen children's attachment to the Rebbe. 770 will house all educational institutions as well as the Rebbe's room where bar mitzvah boys will put on tefillin for the first time. Farbrengen and parties on the Chassidishe Yomim Tovim will be held there. For the younger generation, this 770 replica will visually demonstrate closeness to the Rebbe.

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Chabad Beitar Institutions
Beitar is a young and vibrant town, founded 20 years ago, and currently home to 45,000 people—more than half of whom are children. The Chabad community is one of the largest in Israel, numbering more than 450 families with more than 2000 children. The Chabad community of Beitar Illit has organized schools, Shuls, Chessed organizations, and outreach that greatly influences thousands of the city's residents to the path of chassidus.

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The Community of Beitar depends on support from friends like you to help support Jewish education, impoverished families, children at risk, and so many more. Please give generously today so that our critically important work can continue!

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